Mystic Time Bird
Tuesday, October 17, 2017
8:00pm - 21+ Tickets
366 N La Cienega Blvd
Los Angeles, California, USA 90048
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Rhys Darby is best known as the hapless, well-meaning Murray from Flight of the Conchords. He now stars in TBS’ Wrecked and Netflix’s Voltron, and the upcoming blockbuster, Jumanjii. But when he is not gracing our screens with his hilarious NZ presence, he treads the boards worldwide as a stand-up comedian, a veteran of over 20 years.
Darby’s shows are always a mix of astute observations and stand-up cocooned in a fantastical story that takes his audience on a journey through the ridiculous to the downright silly. Mystic Time Bird promises to be no different.
In Mystic Time Bird Rhys turns to the world of ancient mysticism to find answers to the world’s problems. In doing so, he discovers that he was a bird in a past life, and this knowledge takes him on an unexpected path. Incorporating a cast of characters from his past, Darby inhabits the characters as he tells us the story of his life and how it led to this one, hopeless point.
This energetic, hilarious show left audiences in stitches throughout New Zealand and Australia. Now you can see him in Los Angeles too!

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