2022 marked Rhys Darby’s silver jubilee in standup comedy, so he has been taking a look at all his favorite material for the past quarter century. Rhys will be bringing this retrospective show to the East Coast of the USA and the UK this autumn for a limited run.

When asked about it, Rhys said, “you’ve seen my standup, now see it again!”

Darby is one of NZ’s most successful comedy exports. Starting in Christchurch in the 90s, he has performed his unique style of storytelling all over the world. Ten years into his career North American discovered him via Flight of the Conchords. He has starred in blockbusters like the Jumanji franchise, indie hits like Hunt for the Wilder People and is currently starring in Our Flag Means Death with longtime collaborator Taika Waititi.

Rhys is never far from his standup roots. He has released five comedy specials and this show will draw from all five of them. In addition to stand-up and acting, he has also written four books, This Way to Spaceship, a loosely autobiographical novel, and three kid’s books about his alter ego Buttons McGinty. He also has a regular podcast, The Cryptid Factor, which is all about cryptozoology, the science of hidden animals.

Due to the show’s content, ages 16+ are recommended